Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gettin' Fit

We have a new blog. Change your books. Update your RSS feeds. We're rehabbing ourselves. Aural Fitness

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maia Hirasawa -- A Great Video

I'm not sure if I should call this girl the Female Ron Sexsmith or the Japanese Regina Spektor. Actually, I'm not going to call her either because she's Swedish and she sounds closer to Bjork sucking on a jawbreaker (the candy, not the band, fool.)

I love this video. I love the rat. The song is brilliant. Let it shine on you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Your Action Required

Hey kiddies -- I know that I haven't been the best about keeping ya'lls updated, but I've been too busy drinking from the bottle and watching the Anna Nicole Smith hearings. Enough about me... let's pretend that this site isn't a giant ode to my ego and instead for a moment that it's about you, the lonely forgotten and blog reader. Your input into my site is crucial because we are at a crossroads. At one time we had us some pretty nice digs to hang with here -- blogger was cool and new, ezarchive was content hosting some great music, I was excited to be writing about the united states and shooting my dirty musical wad on your collective faces. Ezarchive is worthless. Blogger is boring. New music mostly sucks. So those hallowed days are gone. Fly the flag at half mast, celebrate with some jazz and bury me out by the interstate. Then help me decide where we want to go. I like Trees Lounge. I like talking with you. I like writing about new music. Old Music. The United States. My dislike for cats. So I don't want this to completely end. I want this to begin.

Going forward I am considering purchasing myself -- ahem.... ourselves -- a server. A shiny one with lots of fans and plenty of space for my mp3s to squeeze through a tube and then trickle into your ears. A domain. Wordpress. We're talking about Terrabytes and gigaHURTZ, booya! Seeeexxxxxxxxxxxy. So here's where your input comes in -- domain names, site names, etc. I have a few different options:

Stay with the name Trees Lounge and get a Trees Lounge related domain: (ok, but I hate dashes) (I equally hate .nets)

Stick with Trees Lounge and get a RELATED domain: (dig it, but it is awfully emo. Let's not kid ourselves -- it's a music blog -- it's emo. It's probably embarassing to refer to at the bar when others can hear me. Fawk.) (confusing? beautiful? insane?) (it's about passion. it's not that emo. ??)

Change the name of the site completely: (I like it but I'm not sure I'm ready to abandon Trees Lounge) (ok, this one isn't serious... but you should tell me in the comments what it should be instead.)

Ok... now all three of you be nice and leave me a comment with your opinion. Stu, Kris, and that mysterious guy.

edit: We're up to four regulars, now! Thanks, Kathy!

Monday, February 05, 2007

This Chick is Spaced, yo.

Lisa Marie Nowak, Astronaut, drove all night from Houston to Orlando,. She wore diapers so she would not have to stop. Her plan was to kidnap her rival for the affections of another Astronaut. She was caught at Orlando International Airport wearing a trench coat and wig and had a knife, BB gun, rubber tubing and plastic bags. Once U.S. Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman arrived, Nowak followed her to the airport's Blue Lot for long-term parking, tried to get into Shipman's car and doused her with pepper spray.

Please read this story while humming America The Beautiful.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From His Kitchen to Yours

So there have been plenty of requests for new content, and old. I know that you kids are eagerly waiting for the 50-states project to resume -- and I'd love to resume it -- but I have no hosting. EZArchive is worthless and I can't find any other free or paid service that allows direct linking for the embedded player and unlimited downloads. If you know of one, let me know and I'll get right on throwing Mississippi up here for ya'lls.

Thanks for the support. It really helps.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How is this even possible?

So this new remix of Fat Joe's Make It Rain features R. Kelly and TI (sorry kids, couldn't find the mp3). And you know... it's alright... but it made me really curious about this disorder that I'm convinced I have. I consulted with a friend who is a psychiatry student and she couldn't come up with a name for my problem, but I'm certain that it does exist and that it must have a name -- since it doesn't effect my life that much I've never bothered to really focus on it. The problem is that sometimes I have problems distinguishing my dreams from my reality. Like -- 3 years ago I had this dream that R. Kelly was video taped pissing on a 13 year old girl and the video was released and the future of his career was seriously in jeopardy. The dream was pretty elaborate -- Dave Chappelle even made an appearance on a dream-based version of his show and had a joke about the incident where R. Kelly was singing a song called "Piss On You." For the last 3-years I've been convinced that this actually happened, but then today I start listening to this track and during the chorus I hear R. Kelly singing, "I make it rain/I make it rain/I make it rain on these hoes" and my reality snaps into focus and I realize that I'm so fucked up and this disorder has really gone too far. Yes, I have dreams about R. Kelly pissing on 13 year old girls and then believe that they are real. Fuck.

Also -- I hate the way Lil' Wayne talks out the side of his already crooked ass mouth.

Big Ups 2007 - Brother Ali Drrrrrrops

Brother Ali's first release in 2003 was fah sure one of my favorite albino hip-hop releases of the last five years. The Brother straight up rocks the mic like I flow ridiculous blog entries. When Rhymesayers and the rest of the local outlets started hyping a 2007 Ali release my pants started to tighten. I couldn't wait. So today is the end of that wait.... new tracks... new album.... and it is everything I hoped for. From the curtains to the carpets the beats and the words inspired me to post a blog entry. These tracks are so fly that you need a swatter. (Damn I'm good.)

Also -- could one of you loyal readers that loves me oh-so-much buy me this?

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Just for Stu

I may only have one reader, but he is loyal. I receive comments from him on a regular basis and he usually chides me for my lack of updates. You see -- Stuart has nothing better to do with his time then try and beat me up over not keeping my blog regularly updated. Is it because of this that Stuart is a loser, or is the fact that he's a loser responsible for his comments?

Here is what we do know:

Stuart is very fond of Xtina, Nelly, Staind and Gwen Stefani. (Which would explain why he reads a music blog like this one... sheeesh.... ) Stuart is hung like a "long horse." Stuart is consistently irritating. Stuart is the only reason I even update this damn site.... well... and the chicks.

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