Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm not Dead!

Hey fans -- i appreciate the comments I have recevied lately inquiring about my well-being, and what can I say? I'm well!

I have Mississippi ready to go for you and a handful of new bands ready to make your head spin. So where have I been? I've just been busy living life. The last month has brought full-on summer, drunkeness, heartbreak, redemption, tomfoolery, travel, lust, extravegance, hopelessness, and motorcycles.

So -- if I have these posts ready to go -- why is this here? Well, EZARCHIVE is just blowing goats for the last 10-12 days and I can't upload my files. I've tried everything to get the 90+ files it is going to take to properly toast Mississippi onto the server and I've only been met with rejection. I'll work on it, but I just want you to know that I love you and I appreciate your dedication.

You all make this giant blue rock seem much less lonely.

Also -- if you want some updates just go ahead and browse through the archives. Most of the files are still available, and I think I used to be waaaaaay funnier.



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