Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Reason for Better Canvas

My friend and I had an argument one time about stereo equipment. He likened those that care about speakers/headphones/amplifiers/precision sources to someone that can only appreciate paintings on the finest canvas. I conceded that it's not the most important thing in the world, but with the right music, a good set of Sennheiser Cans vs a set of computer speakers can be the difference between an interesting song and having the tune crawl up your spine and ram an icicle into your brain.

Sondre Lerche is this tiny man from Sweden. He's charming. He has excellent stage presence. A survery in Scientific Proof Magazine from 2001 resulted in everyone knowing that 9 out of 10 girls would trade a foot full of toes for the chance just too touch him. He stands on stage and talks very softly and hides behind an oversized Gibson hollowbody. Then he starts to play, then he starts to sing, and then the fainting begins. Oh yeah -- this kid has one of the coolest voices in indie-rock today.

The production on his albums is consistently amazing. Everything just sort of hangs off of his voice in the perfect way. His third album is coming out in a couple of weeks. Check it out, I'm sure it will be brilliant if the song in his new video is any indication.

The Tiny is a band that I stumbled upon because their picture was so interesting. On a good set of speakers, you can hear ever nuance of every instrument that these three can play. The voice is sort of a Beth Gibbons, Bjorkish sort of affair. Her phrasing and melody is among the best, and all of those beautiful sounds make me want to lay down in the sun and smile.


Blogger Andrew Leo said...

i like sondre lerche. great sound. but the link to his new video doesn't work

1:54 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Well ---- just checked it, works for me. You suck at teh internet!

1:55 PM  
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