Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yay for 2006: The Infadels

I know what you're thinking -- two posts in one day, why.... "Rob you are so dreamy and irresistable. Your dedication and enthusiasm about this site is only exceeded by your superior wit and boyish good looks."

Oh yeah -- and this new album by The Infadels. It is my first 2006 release that is really making me go yeaaaaaaah. Every blog on the scene has been blowing up about the Arctic Monkeys. Yeah, their album is ok, but that is the worst name for a band ever. Name your band something cool like The Infadels and I will give you a listen. I will picture how good you probably are. I will salivate over your knob-twister and your bass players mushy fuzz pedal. Apparently on "Can't Get Enough" they are speaking about the raging Pretty Hate Machine synth mega-fuzz that backbones this song. Ok... I'm going to go back to cracking my nuckles and throwing things now.....

Try to keep your head from nodding when he says "And everywhere my pimp shoes go, I'm effectIVE, irrespecTIVE." This is such fun and great music. Big ups to the UK.


Anonymous casey said...

have you heard 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah'? Any opinion??

9:49 AM  
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