Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bearded Freaks from the Great Northeast: New Grandaddy Tracks

Hey kiddos -- the news has been following me around like a stink for the past few days. Grandaddy is no more. The bearded army has disbanded and will offer up only one soon-to-come album. Apparently they were just sick of having to manipulate electronic devices and have all moved into tree houses and will be spending their retirement grooming each others beards. I will be spending my hiatus from their music trying to cram more beard related jokes and puns into every post about them.

I first heard of these guys in late 2000 when they opened for Elliot Smith in Chicago. As soon as that first video-gameish arpegio hit, my heart sank. They played with instruments wrapped in vines, Jasons voice cut like a honey soaked razor blade, and I went from heartbroken to hearthappy.

On this track when he sings, "Summer it's gone and I don't know / Where everyone went or where i'll go" it has this eerie little wind that blows and you know that by the time the birds are singing in the spring again we will be without any new Grandaddy. Shed one tear, kindly.

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