Friday, April 21, 2006

My Suicide Note: I Will Never Be Eef Barzelay

That's all the note would say if today I choose to die. He played Minneapolis last night. I think in the process that he possibly earned his sainthood. I counted at least 2 miracles, but I wouldn't be surprised if a third was performed backstage. 1) the notoriously HUGE RIP-OFF called the 400-bar was offering $2 PBRs (trumpets!) 2) He played Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd and it was beautiful (HALLELUJAH) and for his encore he played Christina Aguileras Beautiful, and segued it into two-headed boy and then a very short NMH medley (ANGELS, LIGHTNING, !!!!!!).

I enjoyed me some PBR, I enjoyed me some Eef. I ran into several Jesus Freaks that I knew and I called them Jesus Freaks without even thinking about the fact that they might not be privy to the word on the street. I did not consider that they may not be enlightened about the situation and my mentioning of the term Jesus Freak. My friend Corey (who is now a youth pastor I come to find out) asked me about the term and I explained to him that I didn't mean it as derogatory or spiteful -- I meant it as complimentary and love-filled. It's also incredibly descriptive. Also, for one reason or another I have many friends that are playing for Jesus' team.

So today I'm a little hung over after $2 PBRs and some strangers shots -- but I'm alert and with it enough to post some Clem Snide. You can never have enough folks.

Oh -- and to all of you kids that decided to spend $100/ticket to see Death Cab in a DAMN auditorium last night when you could have seen Clem Snide for $10: you suck.
Also -- I have a dog for pretty much one reason: to meet girls. Since flesh has become obsolete, the dog thing isn't working out so well. If you're a girl and you'd like to meet a cute dog and then have me bother you -- check out his MySpace page. Yes, his name is Cowboy Dan and yes, he has great taste in music.


Anonymous jeff said...

I love Eef Barzelay! I need to check if he will be near me sometime soon...

8:12 AM  
Anonymous micah said...

tell me youre not falling off...cuz i love this blog. but 8 days without a post? much longer and youre gonna have turning back to crack. ecspecially this close to my home state of massachusetts

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Wilbert said...

Hello Robert,

I have a question for you about the music from "The 50 States".
Can you please e-mail me.
w.van.dishoeck at

You would make me (and a lot of my friends) very happy.
Thanks a lot,

Wilbert from The Netherlands

1:41 AM  
Blogger wwjblog said...

hey rob!
its me, jesus christ! quit giving my friends a hard time. i too am a huge eef barzelay fan. i just interviewed him, which you might find fun.

i love you,
jesus christ

8:33 AM  
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