Monday, February 06, 2006

The 50-States: Arkansas

Back here on this beautiful Monday for another edition of our tour of the 50-states. Our wagon of fun and folk-songs is picking up steam and dropping bombs all across the country. Today we'll be making a bee-line right through Arkansas so we can quickly get to whatever is on the other side.

My grandma is from Arkansas. She's between here and completely batshit insane at any given moment. She loves to tell me about her boyfriend named Bill Clinton, but if I bring up Hillary she'll just start crying and telling me how beautiful she used to be before she got evil. I just say, yeah whatever g-ma. Love yas.

Arkansas has given us more than just my crazy Grandma, however. After becoming a state in June of 1836, Arkansas has given us such great things as Wal-Mart, the national duck calling championships, General Doughlas MacArthur, Scott Joplin, Johnny Cash, and John Grisham.

We love you, Arkansas.


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