Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Guys are the Tops, Man!

So I just wanted to gloat here for a second. Every other blog on earth must have failed to update today because I've reached tops on The Hype Machine.

If you don't already use the Hype Machine it's a fantastic site to keep track of mp3 blogs. I use it every day to sync blogs to podcasts in my J-River Media Center, to search for freshly leaked tracks, and to truly decide if I should make a post on a "new" artist -- if I do a search for them and find 200 posts from 3 months ago, then I just decide that i'm late to the bandwagon. If I do a search for lets see .... new Grandaddy tracks... or The Infadels ... and I see that nobody has covered them yet, then I feel like I am the king shit and I post the hell out of those things and then gloat when I see the traffic spike provide a STNNING confirmation my already overinflated ego. Basically this whole site is just an excuse for me to have a fanclub, and you fans have made me proud today.

I'll try and keep up my end of the bargain, if ya'll keep coming back. Here's a couple of new remastered Billy Bragg tracks just so you guys can feel the love that I'm beaming right outta my zig-zag smile.

Love yas,



Blogger Chris said...

Congrats! You do a fine job on your blog and I especially have been enjoying the "states" series.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous akaraff said...

I was wondering how that happened. I have been trying to just make the damn list! haha. Great site and once again it proves that the Hype machine does help people find great new sites. cheers.


5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are always number one. Like you needed a chart to prove THAT to you.


8:15 AM  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

the hype machine is the place to look for what's happening ...i tend to check here immediately after checking my own stats. then it is hard to do anything cook or phone that friend you have been promising to catch up with for yonks. it is the numero uno site for happening music...and of course your blog which i wouldn't miss for the world..

11:49 AM  
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